What Are <<Schweinwelten>>?

In real life I’m social scientist, I’m son of a butch, I’m gay, and I’m married to someone with a sharp intellect. That’s a lot of <<I’m>> in a row. So, obviously this blog has a narcissistic touch. But being a sociologist and pedagogue I’m also interested in other people. I also love animals, and I of course eat them. Our only child is a autistic labrador with an anxiety disorder. That’s a short description of my << Alltag and Lebenswelt >> (everyday life). It’s the source for <<schweinwelten>>. I’m doing hard in drawing human faces so animals are the choice. By hook or by crook it’s the better choice for my scribbles.

There are different motives. But the emphasis lies on Tapir and labrador Paul, a gay couple sharing their moments with you.